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Service Providers

The Davis Group offers loyal and long-standing relationships with service providers who go hand-in-hand with our related real estate transactions. From Escrow Officers to Termite Inspectors, these hand selected companies have worked with Britt for over a decade and have a close-knit business rapport with her team and their cherished clients.

In addition to honored credentials, all audiences are independently gained without the affiliated label to any real estate broker.

“Britt Davis and her team are true professionals and amazing at their craft as well as being a pleasure to work with. You will not find an Agent running her team with more knowledge of the market and the process of buying or selling a home. They are extremely responsive, on top of contingency and close dates and always makes sure their clients have proper representation. I know from experience that the Davis Group truly cares about their clients and are not Realtors that put themselves upfront but rather put their clients’ needs ahead of all else. If you want to have a Realtor fight to get you the best deal and ensure that the process is a smooth one, the Davis Group are the Agents you want to speak with!”

The Moore Team
Mortgage Consultants
Top Gunn Presidents Council Award-2% purchasing volume in company • $150 Million Dollar Annual Team

“Being a mortgage lender in Orange County, I have the privilege of working with some the of the best and most professional Realtors in the country. Because of this, I have a very good understanding of what characteristics are essential when representing buyers and sellers in a complicated and competitive real estate market. Knowing all of this, I can very confidently say that Britt Davis is one of the most outstanding real estate professionals in the country. I have seen firsthand how valuable Britt and her team are to their clients when representing them in their negotiations and supporting in their understanding of options. You have a lot of choices when deciding who you want to work with to help you with your real estate transaction, but if you want a significant advantage and an agent that you can trust to have your best interest in mind, I would highly recommend speaking with the Davis Group.”

Ryan Grant
Mortgage Consultant
Three consecutive years as Top 100 Mortgage Originators in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine (#62 in 2015)

“Britt Davis and her team are one of my favorite groups to work with because they are thorough, super responsive and very good at trouble shooting problems. The Davis Group earns the client’s trust by always advocating in their best interest. From a lender standpoint, her team provides all relevant documents a lender needs to speedily order the appraisal and submit the loan for approval. All have a very good feel for potholes that can jeopardize or slow down deals and will work with me to address them upfront. Our transactions are generally the most pleasant of all Realtors I work with. I enjoy partnering with them to help our mutual customers achieve their goals!”

Nathan Lindsey
Mortgage Consultant
Over $1 billion funded residential home loans


“Working with 100’s of different Agents you really get a feel for the variety of Realtors in the marketplace and how they prefer to conduct their business. I know that when I see Britt or her team’s name on a contract I can expect professionalism, consistent communication and most of all a smooth transaction. All are meticulous with the details but not to the point where they get in the way of the actual home sale. Like the goldilocks of Agents, the Davis Group seems to get it “just right” and adapt as needed to the unique nature of every home sale. When I open a new escrow with the Davis Group, I know it is going to be a smooth transaction and most importantly CLOSE!  They are an Escrow Officer’s dream Agent, all pay attention to detail and nothing ever falls through the cracks. They really knows how to handle the most difficult transaction and make it look easy with their professionalism and knowledge.”

Christy De La Torre and Chris Folsom
Escrow Officers
Licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight
16+ open business years • DBO insured • Department of Justice screening

“Britt and her team are a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of a real estate transaction, but especially in regards to title. The right questions are asked when researching properties and they are always such a pleasure to work with. They go the extra mile for their clients.
“I have worked with Britt for almost a decade and she is relentless and will do anything and everything to put her clients in the best possible position when representing them. I would recommend the Davis Group to any seller, buyer or investor. Negotiation is fierce and they position their clients to win.”
Sarah Elliot & Noah Prestwood
Title Representatives
Leading international provider of title services • 125+ open business years • Forbes recognition for one of 100 most trustworthy companies

“As the owner and qualifying manager of Accurate Termite and Pest Control, I have worked directly with Britt and her team for multiple years. Over that time, all have proven themselves as real-estate professionals.  As a Termite Inspector, it is always good to work with competent agents who understand a termite report and the CA state requirements. My experience with the Davis Group has always been one of full disclosure in any transaction, protecting and informing both buyer and seller. I have personally experienced Britt and her team going to bat for their clients and holding ground in tough and adversarial transactions, often done calmly and professionally.”

Jim Donnelly
Accurate Termite & Pest Control
Fully serviced & licensed pest control company established in 1998-family owned and operated


“I have worked with Britt Davis for well over 10 years it seems and I have found one thing very consistent over the years, her priority is her client. As an inspector, our job is to pay attention to detail and I can tell you that not all Agents possess the professionalism and character that Britt and her team emphasizes with each and every client.  I would highly recommend the Davis Group for any client looking to buy or sell real estate.”  

Peter Hopkins
Home Inspector

Peter Hopkins has been performing home inspections for over 20 years and has personally performed over 7000 home inspections.  He is a Code Certified Building Inspector, Energy Rater and Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer and continues his knowledge growth ongoing education.  Peter has personally trained over 10 inspectors and currently has a multi inspector firm operating in Southern California.


“Working with the Davis Group has been a blessing. Their clients appreciate quality and detailed remodeling work from bathrooms, kitchens, flooring and painting. My crew and I look forward to our lasting relationship with Miss Davis Design, Britt and her team’s clients.”  

Armando Hernandez, Licensed Contractor
Las Brisas Construction


“My experience working with the Davis Group has been great.  I think from a buyer’s perspective, having as much information as possible about the home you are buying is critical for you to make the best informed decision.  Britt always has me inspect any home she is purchasing and I try to give her the best evaluation possible.”  

Freddy Kuhn
Chief of Operations
Ozone Roofing, Inc.


“Working with the Davis Group is always smooth sailing. Every project is always seamless and flows nicely. Excellent team to work for.”

Ken Oliver
K.O. Custom Carpentry & Windows


“Working with Britt has been awesome and easy. She and the Davis Group are great communicators, always honest and educational when I have questions of my own in assisting their clientele with their HVAC needs.”

Garret Crane
Sales & Tech
Comfort Advisors Heating & Air Conditioning


“Working with the Davis Group is excellent. We constantly come out on service calls during escrow for inspection repairs and often remain close with their clients after close of escrow. Refreshing to have a Realtor and team whose clients speak so highly of them.”

Ron Flynn
Flynn Plumbing


“Britt has been a long-standing client of mine for years. Working with her and her team has been great. We often repair electrical issues from property’s home inspections during escrow and while on the job sometimes find other hazardous items needing to be addressed which we advise the Realtor and make sure the client receives a safe and thorough job. This team’s clients are always very thankful and satisfied of the electric work we provide.”

Eddie York
Lewis Electric Co.

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